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If you have ever wondered if there is any truth behind the rumors of a Primerica pyramid scheme is Primerica legit, it is time to get more information about this company and its network of distributors. Primerica has been around since the early eighties and continues to attract new recruits through the internet. The company has a long history and a lot of positive comments from previous members.

Is Primerica legit – My Primerica Experience

Primerica isn’t really a pyramid scheme at all. They are called pyramid schemes because they look like pyramid schemes but aren’t actually a pyramid. They refer to themselves as a network because the distributors are all working together towards one common goal. The network members join together in order to build a better company with better products and sales.

Although Primerica isn’t a pyramid scheme, they are also not networked marketers as well. In other words, they use pyramid marketing techniques in order to recruit new distributors. The only way that they are able to recruit distributors is by making promises and selling products that aren’t worth the cost of their membership. Although the sales agents themselves are working with distributors who have been successful in the past, the actual products are usually of very low quality. Many people that joined the program did so because they thought they could make money easily.

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