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Mediation is a form of negotiation between you and your spouse and will be attended by lawyers who work for your solicitor in Ipswich. A solicitor in Ipswich will help you in selecting a suitable solicitor in the area and they will also work with you during the mediation process. Link

The Different Types of Solicitors

There are a number of disadvantages to mediation when you are going through a divorce. If you have children in the picture, you may want to find a solicitor in Ipswich who will act as the mediator. This means that they will take on the role of representing your interests in the divorce proceedings and they will try and mediate a resolution between you and your spouse. However, you are still going to be responsible for paying all of the legal fees.

If you are unable to reach an agreement between the parties over your divorce, then you will need to have an uncontested divorce. This is where your solicitor in Ipswich will act as the mediator for you and attempt to find a solution. You will not have to pay any legal fees, but the solicitor is going to take a percentage of your settlement.

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