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Bottle traps are known by a variety of names. Among them are a number of devices used in the house, particularly in the bathroom area and some are designed in such a way to catch frogs and other creatures as mice, birds, snakes and fish. There are also more sophisticated traps, such as ones made in metal, designed to catch mice or even other smaller animals such as fish.

Make a ● Simple Bottle Mousetrap

All of these types of trap are designed in order to catch rodents and small creatures like mice. In addition, they also help to keep other creatures out of the area where the trap is placed in the first place.

Bottle traps come in both manual and electric forms. The former can be easily set up and can be placed anywhere within the home, while the latter can only be installed outdoors. They can either be used manually or electronically, depending on the situation and purpose. In case of manual traps, the user can either set them up and dismantle them once they are done, or else leave them set up. The latter would mean that they would have to move their hands in order to set them up, unlike the former, which requires little to no movement from the person. Some of these traps are available in kits and can be purchased from many stores.

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