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A refrigerated van is basically a commercial goods wagon with extensive refrigeration equipment fitted in it. Nowadays they are known as Class I by the International Transport Union as well as other railway companies. They are equipped with refrigeration units, air conditioning, AC and boiler. A van can carry a wide variety of products and hence a large number of people and goods can be transported in a single vehicle. The refrigerant gas has a lower temperature and hence it will not burn up the products as fast as a higher temperature refrigerant gas.

Sprinter refrigerated van

These refrigerated vans offer a wide range of products and services. They can transport ice for businesses that sell frozen goods. This means that all your frozen goods will be kept in good condition without getting spoiled. The chilled products that are carried in this type of van include dairy products, meat, fish and poultry. They can also carry foodstuffs such as bakery products, cookies and other similar foodstuffs. Other than this, they can also carry beverages like milk, yoghurt and tea. A lot of hotels have a refrigerator van parked at the back of their establishment to keep their drinks cool and safe while being transported from one place to another.

In addition to this, these refrigerated vans help the clients to save money and also a good business practice as well. These products and their refrigerants are easily transported. There is less chance for damages and spoilage of products. In addition to that, these vans can be used even if there are no refrigeration facilities available at the location because they would remain cool even when the surrounding temperatures are high.

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