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dog hotel adelaide

If you are looking for a new and comfortable place for you and your four-legged friend to stay in while visiting Adelaide, it would be a good idea to check out the dog hotel Adelaide. The dog hotel offers many amenities that dog owners find appealing including big dogs as well as small dogs. The dog hotel also has an onsite doggie day care so that you can leave your dog alone during the day while you attend to other important tasks. You can also bring your pet along with you on air travel if you choose.

The Dog Park is another one of the many top-rated dog hotels in Adelaide. This park was created to help dog owners who bring their pets to stay in an off-site, safe location. The facility is owned and operated by Animal Carentics which is one of the most accredited dog grooming schools in the country. This school has also received many awards for its commitment to providing high quality dog care to people and pets. The dog hotel is located about fifteen minutes from the park.

With the many activities and amenities available at this dog hotel, dog owners will be encouraged to stay longer than they might expect. You can even book a special package that includes rental car services if you wish to take your pet along with you. One thing you definitely won’t have to worry about is barking or other problems while you are on vacation. Many dog owners complain about their animals barking all night long while they are away. If this happens, the dog hotel will take care of any behavior problems that you may encounter while you are on vacation.

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