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The Global Talent Stream is a Canadian short term foreign worker program that aims to attract highly educated international talents to Canada temporarily as rapidly as economically as possible. There are two methods employers can apply for this fast-track program: Category B: Becoming a CIB or Designated Firm Partner. The first option requires more time for the potential international talent and the second option has quicker access to the labour pool for the domestic Canadian labour market. In order to qualify as a CIB or Designated Firm Partner, a company must demonstrate its ability to create new jobs in Canada that directly relate to the candidate’s designated skills and experience. Category B does not require as much time to fill and therefore it is often the faster method of obtaining permanent resident status in Canada.

There are different types of opportunities within the global talent stream, two categories that are most popular are the Global Lottery Station and the Global Talent Stream. Both are excellent programs designed to attract the best candidates to Canada for jobs in the information technology and creative industries. With both of these programs there are a number of different requirements to meet before being approved for admission. There are two categories to determine your level of eligibility according to the Global Qualifying Points system: Employment Settlement Rating and Language Advertisement Factor. You must be a member of a company that makes use of the ESDC Canada jobs system or the Canadian Commercial Corporation for you to successfully meet the criteria.

There is another way to obtain a CIB or Designated Firm Partner status if your company is not located within the United States. For this scenario you will need to apply to the ESDC employment bank. ESDC holds the global talent stream contracts with the largest and most successful international IT companies. This contract system is designed to ensure the maximum access to the Canadian labor market for the immigrants. When applying to the Employment Settlement Background Check System, provide proof that the international IT firm has signed a contract with ESDC for the recruitment of their workers.

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