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hair design

Hair Design is one of the most popular electives offered by San Diego State University. There are four sections to this particular course, which include Introduction to Hair, Methods and Concepts in Hair Design, Techniques and Applications of Hair Design, and Application of Design Theory learn more here. The topics in each section are analyzed through the guidance of faculty experts and research reports. In the first section, an overview of hair characteristics is provided to introduce the topic. Then the various methods and concepts in hair design are discussed.

The Most Popular Electives – Hair Design Salons

Hair Design Program – 1,150 clock hours per segment, comprising one segment and one topic teaches students how to make different types of hair designs. The student will be shown step-by-step procedures on how to make different hair designs such as braids, pigtails, twists, weaves, fades, hair extensions, cornrows, updos, cornrows with extensions and permutations. With the help of the teachers, the novice will be able to learn from the demonstrations. The topics also cover the characteristics of hair. The next segment entitled Fade Hair Designs teaches how to create different faces depending on the style of the hair, color and length. Then there is a special presentation on how to permutations of hair fashions, hair designs with varying lengths and color.

Barber School Prerequisites-to becomes eligible for enrollment in any of the programs, you need to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Some of the classes are also offered online. To enhance your knowledge and skills in hair designing, enrolling in an introductory course like “The Hair Studio: Basics of Hair”,” Barber School 101: Salon Management Principles and Business Environment” will be helpful. To get an idea about the hairstyle trends and related concepts in salons, you can purchase books or attend seminars offered by local salons or beauty schools. Before you decide on a particular salon to attend, check their history, reputation and other requirements.

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